Bugaboos Part 1


August 2008

This is my third trip in to the Bugaboos this year. It is such a special place and I have been sharing it with lots of talented folks. My partners have been, Lilla Molnar, Jason Kruk and Ines Papert.  I am in Golden on a ‘bad weather day’ to refuel and rejuvenate. I will let the following photos illustrate some of the adventures.


the cave

the cave

Ines and I (on a ‘rest day’) headed up Snowpatch route. After a noon start, and a few pitches up we made the wise decision to retreat. After some rappelling and down climbing we raced to a cave to sit out an hour-long thunder and lightening storm that filled our cave with pea sized hail! Good guide’s course training :  )


A beautiful one horned goat cooling in the snow

A beautiful one-horned goat cooling in the snow

my talented partners

my talented partners: Ines and Jason on Divine Intervention (east face of Bugaboo spire)

Dinner in the garden

 Nothing like enjoying the valley climate, and fruits of the garden that Chris Brazeau has worked so hard to produce.


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