An emotional ‘girl day’


gratefully seconding

gratefully seconding

I have only heard of female climbers experiencing the ’emotional girl day’. This often involves some tears, and fears and at worst some pouting or wisely aborting to a less demanding activity for the day. The other day, a beautiful day in Squamish, I unfortunately experienced one of these days. It did correlate with the first day of my period, and some big life decision making. Nonetheless, it caught me off guard. My partner and I chose to do Alaska Highway, well known as a ‘burly and demanding’ climb sustained at 5.11. I was living in a fantasy world thinking that I could onsite any part of this climb on this day in particular. After my first lead attempt, I quickly realized that I did not have the head space to fulfill my dream on this route. Luckily my partner was more than capable and very gracefully accepted the role of leading every pitch. It took my ego a few pitches to accept this reality, I found it very challenging to demote myself to the ‘typical’ role of the girl not leading. I could of quit the day and waited for a day when the stars aligned… although to wait for the stars would mean only climbing a few days a year! I feel lucky that I got to climb an amazing route on top rope (in ‘bad’ form). The next time I go up there, I will have a better chance of redpointing the pitches than before. I mentioned this day to a few friends and they immediately knew what I meant by ‘an emotional girl day’. I don’t really have a better description for it, it seems to be a common reality.


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  1. rich wheater

    I’ve witnessed many of these ‘girl days’ too Jen. I have them myself all the time 🙂 BTW, feckin sweet work on your exam!

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