The Devil and Recycling in Vegas?


 First opened in 1998, 


Neighborhood Markets range around 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2), which is a quarter of the size of a typical Wal-Mart Supercenter in the United States. However, in many countries, stores of this scale would be classified as superstores or “compact hypermarkets“.

Beware of the devil in disguise
Beware of the devil in disguise


I have been inhabiting the ‘dust bowl’ campground just outside Las Vegas, very close to the world-class sport and multi-pitch climbing venue of Red Rocks. Myself and about 100 other canadians are trying to top up their vitamin D before a long cold winter. We have also been trying to recycle our numerous microbrew beer bottles. This is not an easy task. After asking MANY locals, in grocery stores and the new REI, who think recycling is a GREAT idea, but have no idea where or how, we now have a hot tip to try the Whole Foods. However in the meantime, many of us have committed the sacreligious act of throwing our recycling in the GARBAGE! I know, i feel Horrible, but the numerous empty beer bottles were getting underfoot in the ‘dust bowl’ campground (a safety issue ; ))

I am hoping for some relief by posting my struggles, maybe to educate and be educated on why Las Vegas is filled with CONSUMERS with NO(?) obvious means of  REDUCING, REUSING or RECYCLING.


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