notes from nepal

I just had a tough couple days. I win the smartest blonde award for drinking 2 glasses of tap water my first night in katmandu when i was half asleep. This wise move caught up with me yesterday… i puked in the katmandu airport in a garbage can twice, in the plane on the way to Lukla and in our hotel room! Then i finally took some hard hitting drugs – I seem to be doing better… although I felt pretty weak today on the hike to namche. I haven’t eaten a ton, but I am trying to stay hydrated. I finished a couple books in my down time yesterday! Our rest of the crew is going strong… we are a bit concerned as the temperatures are super unseasonably warm. There is very little ice. Its up to +15 degress Celcius during the day! Some north faces have ice, but our objective looks dry. More news tomorrow when we have a good look around.



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2 responses to “notes from nepal

  1. will

    Hope you feel better Jen!
    It’s freezing back here in Canada.


  2. Jasmin

    Ohhhhhh. Kathmandu tap water. Ouch. Feel better and the strong drugs seem like a really good idea. On the upside, you may be ready for some serious sport climbing when you get home if the drugs don’t work! Maybe you could bring back a sample of tapwater for me in case my holiday eating binge gets outta control.

    Take care of yourself and be safe!

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