Steppin’ up to the Plate

Tomorrrow we will hike back up to a high camp we established at 5100m, which is at the base of the climbing. We had a much needed rest day yesterday in basecamp and opted for another one today in Namche. We are now attempting one of the easier previously established routes on Kwangde. Not as flashy as a new route, but we are very limited by a lack of ice. Just getting from our base camp at 3650m to 5100m took more time and effort then we expected. I went too light with my 5mm foamie and +5 sleeping bag for the -10 to -20 temps we are experiencing. I spent two incredibly long and miserable nights freezing my ass off and we haven’t even started climbing yet! When I finally ‘top-roped’ the first pitch of climbing I was very challenged by my 8 layers of clothing and my big boots and cold hands. Now I know why the stay puffed marshmellow man doesn’t climb mountains! I could barely hold my tools with my big gloves and my cold hands. On top of all that I have to stop every few moves to catch my breath. All of a sudden grade 3 neve feels like grade 6. Its hard to imagine us getting up this 1000m face in a 24 hour period which is what we will try to do tomorrow. I have done many things in my life that were ‘delayed’ fun, this one takes the cake! Party hard on new year’s for me having instant fun! WAAAAAH! hope i sound a little tougher next time!


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  1. Kit and Court

    It was great to get news! Be safe, don’t freeze. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the team. We’re sending CR a hug. K & C

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