No Summit, but Sucess none the less!

No summit, but a successful attempt! We spent another 3 nights up on Kwangde Lho… our high point was about 300m short of the summit. We underestimated the amount of time needed to climb this mountain… we needed one more camp and one more day of food. Our highest camp, where we spent 2 nights was 5600m. I learned my lesson and managed to sleep warmer with ‘hot shots’ in my booties and a warmer sleeping bag. Also, sleeping 3 in a small tent (first light) made it warmer as well. \we encountered many pitches of neve, ice, snow and rock. Mostly rock protection and very little reliable ice protection. We all challenged ourselselves. Everyday we moved from before sunrise and arriving back at camps just after dark. We worked super hard in our zillion layers and we actually had some moments of ‘instant’ fun. More news to come when I get back to ‘free’ internet. For now we rest, we go ice climbing and we head back to Canada. THANKS SO MUCH for all the support… greatly appreciated!



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2 responses to “No Summit, but Sucess none the less!

  1. Happy New Year Jen! Glad to hear things went well and you all made it back with all fingers and toes and are safe and sound! There’s far more to a journey than just a summit and I’m sure you have some incredible experiences from it. Nepal is such an amazing country and is blessed with truly beautiful people! All the best to you guys…

  2. Chris Atkinson

    An amazing place isn’t it ! Wish I had of been there with you girls.

    With the rain pounding on the Squamish skylights daydreams of hot chai, rambuncious yaks and laughter filled air drift through my mind.

    Safe travels back Jen, can’t wait for the slide show !

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