AK Highway, my new Nemesis?

Yesterday, Mandoline and I climbed Alaska Highway on the North Walls of the Chief on a hot day. I wanted to post about how I sent Alaska Highway and try to measure up with the Squamish ‘locals’, but alas, I am a limestone weenie and got my butt handed to me yesterday on the ‘highway’. Many of my Squamish local climbing partners have had great success on this burley route and I had hoped to join their club, but I have more work to do!

Mandoline cleaning the Crux pitch

Mandoline cleaning the Crux pitch


Working Alaska Highway is a blessing because this route will only make me stronger, physically and mentally. It challenges my weaknesses of having to give’er through strenuous cruxes. I do not get to place gear every time the weight gets shifted to my arms. Mentally this route is very intimidating and I have to work very hard to climb with confidence.

Look out, I will become a ‘SHE-man’ if I do not send this route quickly!


Hot and Sweaty Grimaces

Hot and Sweaty Grimaces


Mando charging upwards

Mando charging upwards



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2 responses to “AK Highway, my new Nemesis?

  1. Phil Hoilett

    Hey Jen, send me your contact info, I’ll be passing through Squamish a few times starting the end of June.

  2. Senja

    Jen, give me a shout if you want to go back and tackle this. I’d love to get on AK again and maybe even keep chugging along for Northern lights if we have energy! I think you will find it much easier the second time…especially if it’s not 34 degrees out!

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