Close doesn’t cut it

almost at the jams... i hope!

almost at the hand jams... i hope! photo by Paul Bride

Another fun day on Alaska Highway and the first 2 pitches of The Calling. A few heartbreakers for Jasmin and myself. Some “not quite” sendage moments, BUT mostly a great improvement from the last time I was on Alaska Highway. I felt stronger and only had one brief moment of grabbing a cam, yikes! bad girl.

My first time on The Calling. Its fanastic. I cannot wait to go back and learn how to jam the ‘greens’ a bit better, I had a scrappy exit flying off the start of the ‘reds’, frick! But I have a lot to learn about how to make that pitch feel like Jasmin makes it look when she cruises it.

I look forward to the full Northern Lights (AK Highway and the Calling) later in the season. I am so impressed with my friends who link up several classics like Freeway, Northern Lights and the Grand Wall in a day and I aspire to do half as much.



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2 responses to “Close doesn’t cut it

  1. Mark

    “… for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself…”

    I consistently link up to three of four pitches of 5.6, myself.

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