AK Highway Round #2 + the Calling

Hazel and I took a leisurely start to our day on the Northern Lights… which is comprised of 2 routes on the North Walls of the Chief: Alaska Highway and The Calling. Both super quality routes requiring some endurance and tenacity. We unconsciously left the headlamps behind. This could be viewed by some as a rookie maneuver… especially by a mountain guide, perhaps. BUT it was my day off and if I want to epic, I should be allowed to! Thankfully we have some fantastic friends that eased the pain of stumbling around in the dark, by hand delivering headlamps to us on the summit. Colin and Will are the BEST rescuers ever and should be bronzed as naked statues for this.Sunset from near the top of the Chief

Sunset from near the top of the Chief

As the story goes, we could foresee our fate many hours before it happened. This anxiety may have lead us to deviate from the easiest way for the “walk-off” of the climb. We preferred the super sketch britsh hard-woman variation (thanks Hazelle!) Hazel not only found some extra-sketch climbing for us, but she also succeeded in nailing the easy exit to the summit in the dark.

In general, I have a ton to learn from watching Hazel Findlay lead and onsite hard trad routes. She is fantastic at keeping a cool head and moving quickly through difficult terrain.

I had a super day on Northern Lights and this progresses me further on the path to linking up lots of hard and easy pitches in a day!

Oh yeah, and I finally sent the crux on Alaska Highway. Although, I still have the goal of maintaining better headspace on this type of climbing… steep burly trad climbing.


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