The Power of Moonlight Buttress

Moonlight Buttress motivated me to try really really hard in a few different ways. I am proud of my efforts despite not sending the route during the week I visited Zion.


What a great hang!

Red-pointing is a relatively new aspiration of mine, as well as, 5.12 cracks. This trip opened my eyes up to what is possible. Although, I didn’t get ‘the tick’, I can see how determination and perseverance is rewarded. I am psyched at our willingness to return multiple times to the same location and despite the crowds, hot temperatures or general fatigue – give’er our best. Especially, on our last day there together, when Jasmin sent, I was inspired to try really really hard and that was super rewarding!

sunrise on moonlightI can be a competitive bitch sometimes, and this hasn’t faired me very well in some past climbing relationships. Imagine that! So I am also very rewarded with using competitive energy positively to improve my performance, but also, being genuinely happy for my partner when they are kicking ass regardless of my success/failures.

pitch 3

the 5.11 traverse, pitch 3

I tried the crux pitch 3 times on our last day. Each time I got a little closer to success, but still NO MONEY. I have to ask myself if  I could of tried harder on previous days so there could of been more chance of success on this day? yep, probably. a good lesson.

I had a moment where my motivation to continue the rest of the route was low. Big selfish baby! Luckily, it was only a moment, and I was able to continue trying really really hard for the rest of the day. This brought more rewards, like sending as I got really tired. There was a lot of motivation in watching Jasmin send the rest of the day, despite fatigue.

the start of the 5.12 climbing, including the crux pitch

Our footholds for the initial moves off of the anchor (rocker blocker) on pitch 5

the virgin (river)

The creek crossing to get to Moonlight, very refreshing at the end of the day

The other great thing about red-pointing is working through FEAR. Every day, every pitch, every move and gear placement, slowly became less scary, more secure and comfortable. Its a super cool progression to watch yourself become more relaxed in the same environment. Sandstone lures you in with its gentle texture, but even bomber cams can be sketchy, bolts too!

above the big ledge, pitch 8

super fun, splitter finger cracks

Red-pointing is like ‘peeling an onion’. If you on-site a route, its super rewarding, but the depth of experience can be limited, the relationship with the route and yourself:  shallow. Unlike, throwing yourself multiple times at failure, you become well acquainted with its demons and when the light shines through success its brightness shines deeply into your life.

Cheezy words that ring true for me.

Now, I am drawn to the  cold weather activities in Canada… like dry toolin and ice chippin…..bring it.


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One response to “The Power of Moonlight Buttress

  1. sarah hutchison

    I love that way of looking at redpointing jen. WHen i was climbing, i had always preferred the figuring out the puzzle i’ve not seen before over attempting a climb over and over. (well, except my one summer obsession with dew line 🙂 🙂 To see red pointing as a type of intimacy with a climb, helps me see something that i was missing. I will take this cheesy quote and bring it to practicing piano pieces!!!Thank you 🙂

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