Lilla on her way up the lower weeping wall on a clear cold day.

Early in the new year of 2011, Lilla and I went to climb the Weeping Pillar which is located on the upper weeping wall on the icefields parkway in the Canadian Rockies. Despite -24ºC at the car, it is well known that weeping wall gets the sun- soon enough we would warm up. We opted for the quickest route up the lower weeping wall, known as Sniveling gulley. Once atop of that we traversed across and up to the upper weeping wall. On our traverse we heard a rumble. A powerful blast of ice and snow exploded over the route. As the dust settled we both analyzed the depth of the debris at the base of the route. Yep, that would of pummeled us had we been standing at the base of the route a mere 15 minutes earlier. Thank God for the extra cup of coffee, or whatever delayed us this day.

Lilla’s main response was, ” I feel nauseous”. As she tucked her tail and ran down the slope towards another climbing option. Any option other than this one. This next photo is meant to show a nauseous Liller.

Lilla evaluating the near miss

Looking up the Weeping Pillar, we could see where the drama originated, from some well lubricated daggers that were located at the very top of the climb on the left side. After talking with some friends that had climbed this route a couple days before – they had aptly named them the daggers of death. Most of them were now gone. But the realization of how fragile we are was very present.

After our descent, we opted to climb Whymper Wall (appropriately named for us licking our emotional wounds).

Blue sky, blue ice

Thanks to Lilla for a great day out, and grateful to be all in one piece at the end of it.

Lilla Cruising up in gratitude


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  1. anna k

    Jen my friend, fuck that shit. Love from your old pal Anna K

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