Bridal Veil Falls Adventure


As we skied up to Bridal Veil Falls I felt intimidated by the overhanging icicles and I squinted to see “the route”. It wasn’t obvious where other traffic had gone. Being in Colorado, I expected to see the pick holes from previous ascents, but Bridal Veil Falls has so many features of daggers and icicles it hides the donkey trail well.

on descent

My climbing partner Clint Cook, owner of San Juan Mountain Guides, generously gave me the choice of leading the route.  Our climb had some added adventure, as we only had 1 pair of ice tools to share. At the top of the first pitch I lowered my tools down a rope back to Clint, but due to mis-communication, I ended up lowering my tools OFF the end of a rope! Luckily, after several minutes of down-climbing, digging, and wandering around the base of the falls and the cone, Clint found the tools. At this point, I thought he had only found 1 tool and I was seriously contemplating leading the second pitch with 1 tool.

rounding the corner

2nd pitch

Grateful to have 2 tools to lead the 2nd pitch, not sure I would of made it without. ; ) I thoroughly enjoyed finding my way up this climb through the bulges and pillars. Like Alice in Wonderland, anticipating what is around the next corner. I hope I get to do this route again and again with great partners like Clint, who take hiccups in stride.

so pretty


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