40th Birthday on Fitz Roy, Supercaneleta route with Rob Smith

Whoa, what a ride i have been on. I feel super lucky to be in El Chalten, Patagonia this December 2011. We arrived in Argentina for a good weather window. So we promply bought groceries and packed for a 3 day trip to Fitz Roy. We decided to go light – mostly because I was worried about my energy levels after a 40th birthday party and 2 days of air travel. So I didn´t want to carry too much and waste energy that could be used to summit. The consequence of this was a lack of sleep for a couple nights and a big push to get back to chalten at the end when we were so beat.

Highlights of the trip were:

*hiking in with Rob´s friends Jens and Joel.

*Having a starving black kitten follow us up a rocky trail for about 500 vertical meters.

*Poaching a tent for a few hours of sleep at the base of the supercaneleta.

*Seeing about eight other parties attempting, descending, or suceeding on Fitz Roy!

*”Sleeping” near the summit of Fitz Roy while watching other climbers descend on Cerro Torre by headlamp, seeing an amazing vista of the other spires and southern ice cap in the sunset and sunrise. Even tho it was below zero and uncomfortable – i recognize how LUCKY i am to be able to witness this experience in such great weather.

*Making about 30 rappels on the Franco-Argentine and la Brecha (we made some extras ; ) ).

*Stressing about route finding on trade routes on both the ascent and descent. I didn´t do my homework and I felt the consequences big time.

*Slogging through crotch deep slush out from Fitz Roy. Our legs and feet were soaked. Post-holing HELL.

*We had great timing on the route and hardly had to share or wait for others.

*The rock and mixed climbing is AMAZING!!! so fun.

*Falling asleep at belay stations, or almost while walking on the way out!

*Passing out in El Chalten on Day 3 at 3:30 am ( after walking by the lively disco bar )

Thanks to Rob for putting up with my impatient self and being steady and easy going. (and letting me have more of the sleeping bag on our bivy)

getting photos on this post is another crux of the internet in El Chalten. for now, i will post my picasa link and see if in the future i can figure this all out!


lots of love from Argentina!



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6 responses to “40th Birthday on Fitz Roy, Supercaneleta route with Rob Smith

  1. You guys Rock! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who falls asleep at the belays… yikes! Happy Birthday!

  2. Jill

    Did you at least feed the kitten? That breaks my heart!

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