Ice Climbing World Cup – Saas Fee 2012- Qualifiers and Speed

WOW! Ice Climbing World Cup 2012 – I NEVER would of seen myself here prior to about a month ago! If Gord and Ian hadn’t encouraged me- I would of missed out on one of the COOLEST experiences of my life. Almost as good as summiting Fitz Roy on my birthday… well….way more “instant” fun anyways : )

I also need to express my sincere and “relieved” gratitude to the Alpine Club of Canada and MEC for their last minute support and sponsorship.

The place to warm up in isolation and to learn from the experts

The thing that I am MOST loving is the learning. I have so much to learn here. Its exciting. From the rules of competition climbing to seeing how the seasoned champs read and perform the route. Watching so many people climb the same route is an incredible learning opportunity.

Lucy (the great) competing

I have only met a few folks, but to have new friends from Holland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, France and Switzerland and Iran who LOVE climbing is so cool. Being new to it, I have the fortunate position of being able to ask stupid questions and absorb, like a sponge, the wisdom of others.

a girl with awesome jeans getting to my high point

I love admiring the clothes and makeup of my fellow competitors. I don’t care that i ‘sound like a girl’, because it is a really FUN part of this event. I would, actually, enjoy writing a short summary of all the best pieces that people wear to compete in… like denim and shiny puffy jackets.

The 'parking garage' competition grounds

I LOVE Climbing. And this is an event that celebrates this sport. I am so inspired to be a part of over a hundred men and women from all over the world who are great climbers. Especially, to be around so many STRONG women. I’m incredibly honored and grateful to be a spectator and participant.

oh yeah, and i squeezed by into the semi-finals in both the ‘lead’ and the ‘speed’. WOW. I compete in the semi-finals tomorrow for ‘lead’. Tonight I lost momentum and declined my full participation in the ‘speed’, i want to save energy for tomorrow. BUT Kendra Stritch is a natural at speed and came 10th, which is amazing. Nice work!


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  1. Wow! That looks so amazing. It is crazy how they can construct these artificial ice walls. Kick some butt tomorrow!

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