Ice Climbing World Cup 2012 – Top 10 Fashion Tips learned at World Cup

Ok, so first off, I competed in semi-finals. Yay! I did okay. I did some new moves I have never tried before… like a figure-4 off a stein pull. I also really felt the ‘mythical’ jet-lag and fatigue from international travel and being an excited rookie at the world cup. My tool popped off a hold that I didn’t read right. I learned A LOT and again I am grateful for going relatively early in the field so I could watch the others.

I want to quickly say a big shout out for the volunteers and workers in Saas Fee, who are there all day in a cold environment being extremely supportive to the athletes. Specifically the 3 people in this photo took great care of me. KUDOS

2 medics for cuts and the dude who smokes and laughs : )

More interestingly… lets see the top 10 fashion tips:

#10.Wear an item that represents your country, whether its your Oh! Canada toque or just a big floppy woolly hat that shouts ‘Canuck’!

its cool to have one clothing item that shows the country you're representing

#9. Fur around your face

Nice fur!

fluffy hood wear

even in yellow!

#8. A brightly colored harness that contrasts well with your clothes.

Nice Harness!

7. It’s okay to wear pink if you’re a male, in fact, its respectable!

its okay (Alberta men)

6. Hot pink and turquoise blue are the NEW BLACK or Green, you know what i mean!

nice moves!

5. ACCESSORIZE…Scarves spell STYLE

there were a lot of scarves in the bar, but the light was too dark! ; )

4. Brightly colored pants and shiny puffy coats

can't miss this guy

she's got it

this jacket almost ties with #1 (denim) - if only she competed in it ; )

3. Purple boots- nothing more need be said

way cool

2. its ACTUALLY a regulation that you zip up your shirt whilst you compete… I had to be told a couple times ; )

Team Canada : )

and #1. wearing denim whilst competing!

The coolest girl at the comp (fashionwise)

and i just need to make a special mention of 2 Russian competitors who are over 40 and CRANK really hard. They inspire me greatly…

an inspiring "mature" competitor


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One response to “Ice Climbing World Cup 2012 – Top 10 Fashion Tips learned at World Cup

  1. Caro Doucet

    Thanks for sharing, Jen! I really enjoy your site… Fashion tips are helpful… who’s the saint in Team Canada? :-p

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