6 Weeks and Counting…

As a very novice blogger, I think people only want to hear about ‘radness’. You know, cool climbs, adventures, and funny or dramatic events. Not the bore and drudgery of my 12+ week recovery from breaking my back. But, my new super cool roommates, have informed me otherwise and so, here I am attempting to entertain you with tales of my ongoing progress from rehabbing broken bones to out-performing my previous mediocrity!

First off, as every medical specialist will tell you  ( and i tried to find one who would say otherwise ) it takes six weeks for bones to heal (“knit”). Well, actually a year before they are ‘completely healed’. Hopefully, at eight weeks, there begins a slow progress of adding load slowly and getting back to where you were before you jumped off the mountain and onto that ledge.

I have had some highs and lows. Lets get the (relatively few) lows out of the way and then we’ll focus on the positives.


1. Having three sets of x-rays (more radiation then necessary due to being in Scotland and having a variety of doctors).

2. The initial pain. (but less than a week of pain killers, SICK!)

3. Being neurotic and needing to be ‘accomplishing’ and ‘doing’ things to feel good about oneself. (Inevitably this leads to feeling a bit lost and depressed whilst not accomplishing and “DOING”)

4. Not getting out of the valley bottom, while most of my friends are. Not getting my heart rate up for full days or up very high at all… a lack of endorphins… basically…

5. Going on a variety of diets and cleanses to prevent the inevitable “getting fat”. (Great learning about nutrition and a zillion supplements and ‘maybe’ creating better habits)

6.Cancelling trip to Norway, cancelling ski work and climbing work, not getting to climb with good friends and visiting climbers, no second crack at the world cup. Missing out on cool places and people.

7. Learning to take my recovery into my own hands and find the practitioners that are inspiring and willing to think outside the box. (Actually a good learning process and really should be below)

8. Being BROKE $ (maybe i’ll learn some financial lessons too… the hard way)



1. Making space in my life for nasty chores such as taxes, moving, de-cluttering, un-hoarding, and general organizing. Very cleansing and satisfying and somewhat painful to do when you could just go climbing instead.

2. Meeting new people or spending time with folks who I wouldn’t otherwise.

Its been lovely to spend time with Lilla during her pregnancy, if I was in my usual whirlwind - this wouldn't of happened so much.

Here is a video of some of my new friends who graciously took me up Grotto Falls and are a source of constant entertainment during my down time. Here is Mike Dodd experimenting with some ground-breaking new ice climbing techniques:

(Clicking on the following video takes you away from this blog…)

Showing us how its done

3. Being super appreciative of friends helping me with simple tasks and outdoor adventures. Lots of folks have generously helped me lift and carry things, such as all my climbing gear, or helped me move (my Mom, Aaron and Jen, etc). Sean Issac guided me up the first pitch of Moonlight:

Thanks Sean! A working guide in the busy season, working for 'free'!

and Benn Edwards, who was ‘under the weather’, generously lead me up Louise Falls:

Benn crushing and carrying the girly pack ( when he would of rather been horizontal on a couch )

I thoroughly enjoyed just being outside away from home for a few hours with really good people. Normally, I wouldn’t receive these offerings – and I take for granted all the things my body can do on a daily basis!

4. Time to visit my Aunty Kay in Florida. I love +30 degrees Celsius weather and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to escape the (in my face) ‘radness’ of Canmore and soak in the relaxation of Florida and the companionship of my aunt (who also resides in Saskatchewan – where the only climbing is off couches and up graineries).

My first time seeing 'gators. Very cool, but untrustworthy as far as i can tell ; )

I love waves and salty water... good for the soul (maybe not so much for the back tho)

5. Meeting folks less fortunate than me. I met a paraglider who was in a wheelchair at my slideshow the other night – who reminded me just HOW LUCKY I am.

Thanks for coming to my show!

I also met a whole bunch of FAMOUS, age-ed climbers from Calgary who have great reputations in the history of local climbing. They inspire me and I was honored that they came to listen to my adventures.

6. I have some time and space to pursue a whole lot of learning and reading and pilates. I want to explore becoming a climbing coach and personal trainer. I am taking a certification course with the ACSM in Las Vegas next week and I am practicing on my friends.

7. I have recently enjoyed a whole lot of fiction and non-fiction such as:

The Tao of Pooh (thanks josh)

Quiet- The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking  (about introverts vs extraverts – highly recommended)

The Four Hour Body (thought provoking)

and Every climbing training book written in the english language ; )


I want to express my GRATITUDE for being such a healthy and loved person. My mother is an amazing support in times of need. I also know that my injuries are relatively minor and stable – this is a minor blip in the big picture of an amazing life. I am grateful to have some time to reflect, housekeep and explore some new avenues in my career.

If I wasn’t so neurotic – this would be a welcomed holiday!



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5 responses to “6 Weeks and Counting…

  1. Ross

    Hang in there buddy! Good work, good blog – enjoy the quiet if you can, a blessing in disguise.

  2. Stacey Weldon

    Thanks for the blog Jen!
    Great inspiration to stay positive while I’m all gimped up!

  3. Anna

    Jen, I am such a spaz, wondering how you are – then I thought, “hey she has a blog”. I like your counting of blessings. You’ll be back, no worries. I am trying to figure out if we can come visit Canmore before going to NZ (late June). Let me know if you are southward bound. I’d love to catch up. Maybe even climb! Love Anna

  4. Jen- How’s the healing? I am now in a brace and on crutches after a knee surgery. What diet and cleanses do you recommend? Because I would love my pants to still fit after I get off the couch/crutches. Thanks!

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