Highlights from the Dolomites

I was blessed with a couple weeks of climbing and guiding in the Dolomiti’s this past September.

Luckily I was able to have climbing partners for all my days. Adam Ferris, a friend from Revelstoke, BC, joined me for a few days and then at the end of my trip I partnered up with Alex Holleis from Austria.

Adam atop of the 1st pitch of Finlandia in the Cinque Torri- DAY 1

On top of the Grande Cinque Torri after thoroughly enjoying Finlandia

Off to the Drei Zinne/Tre Cime for some old school classics

Dulfer route on the Cime Grande/Grosse Zinne . Excellent rock in a neat chimney/corner feature. Cold place even with a late start!

i loved the tri-cams and off-set nuts in the Dolomites.

looking forward to the sunshine!

one of the final pitches to the summit balcony. Enjoying the Sun and great stone.

I find its worth carrying some liquid for a summit ‘prost’

Our next objective was the cassin route on the cima piccolissima/kleinste zinne (spire on the right). The descent route comes down the gully. nice to be in there alone.

the traverse pitch after the cruxes, classic, fun climbing

after a busy summer of guiding, i was getting tired and needing some refreshment for the final summit push

Beautiful views from the Rifugio Auronzo

Adam chipping in on my daily grinding ritual

so worth the effort! yes, i am a drug addict ; )

the snow and ice left behind on north facing terrain… never melted

To climb on this stunning side of the Tre Cime was not in the cards for me this year as it snowed and got a bit colder for the final days of my trip.

meet Alex!

Alex and I started and finished our three day tour at Tofana di Roses (notice icing sugar on top)

We started with a bolted route on the Pillar of Tofana, called Sam Spigolo. Fun climbing on great rock. I was happy to take a mental break and clip lots of bolts at the end of my trip.

Short fun roofs are a plenty in the dolomitis

just pitch after pitch of great rock

Luckily Alex had been on this summit before so he knew the way up through the scrambling section at the top

our first summit, we could see ice melting of a higher summit and on north facing terrain!

the next day we headed up to the cima piccola/kleine zinne to try the Gelbe Mauer. We were not alone, a few other parties met us at the base, luckily we were first. We let our friends from Colorado/Czech go first.

short approaches on great trails

The first pitch is spicy! with likely the technical crux of the route just after the first bolt. or it just feels that way because you are not warmed up yet. I watched our friend take a whipper and i then happily took a stick clip to the second bolt!

Stanley, Jen and Alex socializing on the belay

love the orange lichen

I really enjoyed climbing with Alex, he had some great leads like this one!

We warmed up on the first few pitches and then it didn’t take long before we were both pumped out of our minds. Even tho the grades got easier… it didn’t really feel like it…

the sylvester stallone roof, pumped up …. we didn’t summit after this as I was just too wasted!

a restful breakfast to get our psyche on for day 3… back to tofana

Alex leading pitch 2 on aspettando la vetta, cool position.I lead some run out slab on pitch one. Got scared and passed over the sharp end for the rest of the day. We climbed lots of great rock on this route.

I was very tired after a fantastic summer.

such beautiful vistas in the Dolomites- I loved it and cannot wait to go back!



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  1. What fabulous pictures Jen! Thanks for sharing

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