Help this Vagabond get to Sochi 2014!

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Storage locker Hair Pull: My life “out of the box”

In full disclosure, I am not proud — but practical, I live out of a storage locker.

I am ONLY able to do this through the unconditional generosity of my friends. I am so grateful to the following friends who open their homes to me From West to East:

Katy, Kelly and Ruby of Squamish,  BC

Katherine, Corie, and Jasper of Vancouver, BC

Tim and Lucy of Invermere, BC

Kim, Marie and Rose of Canmore, AB

Lilla, Marc and Ella of Canmore, AB

Carrie, Jordy, Boon and Jose of Canmore, AB

Kate, Lea and Jack of Canmore, AB

Jen, Cam and Bear of Canmore, AB

Aaron of Canmore, AB

Cheryl of Calgary, AB





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