Ouray 2014

I had one of my best trips to Ouray this year. Colorado is really good to me. Rifle, the Black Canyon, Estes, Vail and Ouray. I am loving it!

This year Tim McAllister joined me and we got some ice climbing in before the big comp! Here is a photo essay of our trip.

Go Tim

Tim cruising up the Rigid Designator at the Vail Amphitheatre, I renamed it the Frigid Inseminator 🙂 tee hee

2014-01-07 12.33.39

Nice temperatures and blue ice make for a fun day out at the amphitheatre.


Tim on the classic mixed line called Amphibian. Super fun crack climbing.


Nearing the top of The Fang


After asking many locals, analyzing conditions and salivating over The fattest Fang for a couple days, we decided to climb it. It did not disappoint. There were many feet and bulges to negotiate on the bottom half, like 5.4 jugs.
Then it steepens up near the top before a chimney feature to give you a brief moment of exposure. I feel so lucky to of climbed this feature in such a fat year on a relatively warm day.


Batman and Robin is an ultra classic mixed line at the amphitheatre. rock, ice, rock and then ice again! I failed to onsight this classic but sure had a fun time trying!


On the early approach to Bridal Veil Falls, Beautiful Morning LIght lights up Telluride. We had an early start so I could preview the ouray comp route in the afternnoon. No maximising here 😉


Timmy Cruising up the left and more difficult side of Bridal Veil Falls this year. What an aesthetic and fun route!


The 1st belay.


Tim following the second pitch. Literally riding a frozen wave of ice. I have never seen such clear and deep blue ice. such a high water content. so lovely.


The Big Picture of one of the most classic frozen waterfalls on the planet.


Frozen Ocean


I am happy after realizing I have come 2nd. Thanks to all the volunteers and guides and route setters that make Ouray the great competition that it is.

L16C1712 (Large)

John Evans has capture the moment of failure. I felt disappointed with my performance for most of the day! Poor Tim. But as always! GREAT learning. I knew I would likely get flashed pumped as my warm up did not get me pumped, but I ran out of time to get a better warm up. I will definitely make sure this doesn’t happen again. and I am grateful that I didn’t pop off sooner! I am getting better at performing in competition!


Will Mayo, showing us all how its done!


Stephanie Maureau, who placed 1st, and I enjoying our victory!

L16C1682 (Large)

I felt strong and solid. Yippee. Thanks to Rob Pizem for the great training regime.


Ouray, colorado. One of the most beautiful mountain towns around.


Emily and I enjoying some time together at our favorite Colorado meeting spot :0)


Rob aka Griz, generously schooling me in tool sharpening. I promply went out and bought a dremel and sharpened up my picks for the comp!

I am now in Romania, off to watch the Men’s qualifier. Grateful for some “nets” Hope everyone is enjoying a safe season. Seems like warmer than normal temperatures world wide.


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